The Animal Note Method is Growing and Reaching Out to New Age Groups

It has been a long time since I have taken time to visit with all of you.  There is a lot going on in our music world.  We are working on a new web site for you.  Over the last three and a half years I have put a lot of information and effort into this site, but it is not the easiest place to find the information that might be of most importance to you and your music students or your own children.  In the new site we are working to better organize the information so you can find ideas and suggestions at the click of your mouse.  It will be under the name of our company, Noteimals (short for note animals).
Our teaching studio has some new students this fall that have enriched our lives as we hope the music they are learning is enriching theirs.  I am working with a family of six children ages 6 to 13.  The six year old has never taken music, but her older brother and sister have all had at least 6 months or more of music training.  All chose the Animal Note method to start their music lessons with us.  I was surprised as the oldest girl (13) had had a year of music before moving to Arkansas.  However, she explained to me, “I can read notes, but it is such a struggle for me.  I want to see if this will help me straighten out my problems.”  She has been working with me for about 4 months and two weeks ago I started her in our “Moving On – One” book that has each short song written first in the Animal Notes and then on the next page the same song is written in standard music notation.  Side one of the first song was easy for her, and she played it perfectly.  I turned the page and standard notes stared back at her.  She looked over at me with a scared look in her eyes; “I can’t do that!”
 “Yes you can, just try it, please.”  She started with great trepidation.  “Just ask yourself what each note is doing if you don’t recognize it, just like we do when we study the flash cards.”  I reminded her.
 Suddenly the music started flowing from her fingers and the biggest smile broke across her face.  She was so excited when she realized what she had accomplished. 
The Animal Notes might seem “babyish” for older children, but the older children we have worked with seem to enjoy them as much as the younger children and benefit greatly from the learning method.  

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