Timing, a Vital Skill that must be Learned

The new website is almost finished, and I finally have time to visit with you again.  We are excited about the new site and hope it will be helpful to all the parents who are trying to give their children the advantages gained by an early introduction to music.  We hope the site will also be of value to those of you who are willing to include children as young as three in your teaching programs or to try the Animal Note Method with your new older students or students that are having difficulty learning standard music notation.  The Animal Note Method of beginning music education is designed to give all children a wonderful jump start into their music education.
However, today I want to talk to you about “Timing’s” place in music.  Anyone who teaches or plays any instrument is well aware of the great importance of good timing practices.  However, many of you will admit, as I do that this talent did not come naturally.  I have always had some envy for those lucky few to whom timing comes by second nature.
Of course I must also admit that standard note reading was not any easy thing for me to learn either.  Therefore learning smooth timing skills came slowly as well.  This is sadly, true for many individuals who truly desire to learn to play an instrument well. 
The Animal Note Method is so helpful in teaching strong “Timing” principles.  Once the notes are learned in the “Note Reading” book and are easily read, the child can then concentrate of counting smoothly, thus developing a good “ear” for correct timing.  It is extremely important to have the child count every piece in the “Timing” book.  Admittedly, it is more fun to play songs from the “Fun Song” books in our series, but it is so easy to play the songs as you think you have heard them, not necessarily with correct timing.  I have found with our studio students that helping them work through the “Timing” book in the series is a vital, fundamental part of their basic music education.  I am delighted by the good ear for correct timing each child develops by the end of the book.  It is well worth the time spent on the songs in this book as the results are so beneficial to each individual. 

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