Early Music Education Develops Skills Valuable in all Future Education

The other morning, when watching the news as we prepared for the day, a special report caught my eye.  They were talking about the latest research which gave one more strong reason to involve you’re your children in music.  The report found that any child who studied a musical instrument for three or more years did much better in school, scored higher on all tests taken, and in general, were more motivated toward education.
WOW, this really makes a lot of sense to me.  Think of what it takes to learn to play an instrument.  One of the biggest elements is concentration - from the very beginning.  The Animal Note method of early music training, developed by Noteimals LLC, makes this learning more fun and a lot less frustrating, but it still requires concentration by both the student and the teacher or parent when working on the material.  It also requires memorization of many facts, and working on something until it is right.  These are basic and essential learning skills required for any individual to do well in education.
Thanks to the Animal Notes. children as young as three can start learning to read music notes and the basics of timing.  They learn to use their hands correctly at the keyboard and most important of all, they develop a love of music in a positive and supportive atmosphere early in their lives. The many elements basic to all education have been planted and will be transferred to other life facets of their lives including doing well in school.

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