New Website is Finally Here

For the last 18 months we have been working on another website.  While there is a great amount of useful information about learning to play the piano on, we wanted to expand the animal note method to other instruments and thus broaden the scope of children’s musical education. In addition to that, we wanted to have information better organized and structured, yet be able to update and change it as needed.  This was not as easy as one might think.  Thanks to a lot of hard work, we are excited and proud to introduce  We created this name from animal notes – the core of our method – and it allows us to include a wider variety of instruments. For your convenience our new site’s structure takes into consideration students’ age and provides appropriate teaching suggestions. Please go and visit it.  We welcome your comments and ideas. Use the site’s Contact page to send us your thoughts.  We sincerely hope you enjoy the new site as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you.

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    I really appreciate free, succinct, rlieable data like this.

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