“(I) Never would have gotten into music so much without you”

“(I) Never would have gotten into music so much without you.”  Receiving a comment like this is really special to a music teacher.  This is the message left for me on Facebook recently by Austin Franke who had just sent me a rough copy of the first song he has written for the piano.  Austin is a college graduate working in documentaries.  He is in his mid-twenties.  He and his associates have made a rough draft recording of his new song “String.  Here is the link so you can enjoy this early verson of his song yourself:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAVRTnk6P8A
Austin was 5 when he started lessons with me, the third of the Franke boys to study music with me.  Although I had used the early stories of the Animal Notes with the two older boys, Austin needed them the most, as note reading standard music notation was very difficult for him.  If an individual cannot read music, timing is an almost an impossibly, unless you are one of those lucky few who are born with a natural sense of beat and timing.  The Animal Note Method was in its infancy at this point.  It was based mainly on word clues with ears, eyes, horns, or tails hand drawn on the standard music notes of the piece being played.  It really did help the children read music and learn the notes.  I would use the word clues and have the children decide what was to be drawn on each note to help them learn.  Learn they did, and Austin is living proof of this fact.  As an early teenager, he wanted to play the guitar, a much “cooler” instrument, and his piano playing stayed dormant for several years. It is wonderful to have it come back into his life in a strong and beautiful way.
Since those early days, Noteimals LLC has put the Animal Note Method into books that help beginning music student learn excellent note reading skills, accurate timing, and a true joy of music.  Many go on to play more than one instrument and some are now teaching others.  Happy faces have been added to the ears, eyes, horns, and tails on the standard notes creating friendly animals.  The Animal Note/standard note flash cards and the word clues reinforce the learning process.  After completing the series of books the students find they love to play and do so with ease and accuracy.  Visit www.noteimals.com to learn more.

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